Useful Aleut phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Aleut, an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken in parts of Alaska

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English Unangam Tunuu (Aleut)
Welcome Qaĝaasakung huzuu haqakux̂
(Thank you all for coming)
(General greeting)
How are you? Alqutaxt?
Reply to 'How are you?' Maqagilakuq, qagaasal ama txin?
Long time no see Aduutal ukux̂talakan
What's your name? Kiin asax̂tax̂t?
My name is ... ... asax̂takuq
Where are you from? Txin qanaax?
I'm from ... .... haqaaxing
Pleased to meet you Ukuĝaan ix̂amnakux̂ (I am happy to see you)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Good night  
(Parting phrases)
Good luck Ukudigal
(Toasts used when drinking)
Have a nice day Slachxizax̂ malgakux̂
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Uniikam Aluĝil
Aluĝim Adutal
I understand  
I don't understand Tutalagakuq
Please speak more slowly Tunux̂taasal ixsil tii
Please say that again Hikuu tataam tii
Please write it down Aluĝim tiix̂t ii?
Do you speak Aleut? Unangam tunuu Aadazaxt ii?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
How do you say ... in Aleut? ... Alquusal hix̂tal hingamax̂t?
Excuse me Amtang
Alqus hix̂tal hingamax̂t? (I'm sorry, what are you saying?)
How much is this? Qanaang uma ii?
Sorry Amtal
Thank you Qaĝaasakung
Reply to thank you
Where's the toilet?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Tayaĝurum ama Ayagam huzuu akiisal
Would you like to dance with me? Txin iĝamaĝal taliĝing ii?
I love you Txin yaxtakuq
Get well soon Txin kaangutikux̂ agiichigaan
Leave me alone! Txin Hingaing!
Txin tunux̂taasalakaq!
Help! Aguung!
Fire! Hixs!
Stop! Haaĝanil!
Call the police! Puulitxsiyam hiilaĝal!
Christmas and New Year greetings Kamgan Ukudigaa ama Slum Tagadagan Qaĝataa!
Easter greetings Pascha-Qaĝaadan
Birthday greetings
One language is never enough Ataqan tunuum sanaqaĝikan
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Baluunax̂ liidax̂ ayx̂aasim hnin

Aleut translations provided by Halluuq Unqunqai

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