Useful Scottish Gaelic phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Scottish Gaelic, a Celtic language spoken mainly in Scotland, and also in Nova Scotia in Canada.

Note: thu = you, singular, and is used with people you know and those younger than you. sibh = you, plural/formal, and is used when talking to more than one person, or when talking to one person you don't know and/or who is older than you.

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English Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Welcome Fàilte
Ceud mìle fàilte
(General greeting)
Ciamar a tha thu? (inf)
Ciamar a tha sibh? (frm/pl)
How are you? Ciamar a tha thu? (inf)
Ciamar a tha sibh? (frm/pl)
Dè mar a tha thu? (inf)
Dè mar a tha sibh? (frm/pl)
Reply to 'How are you?' Tha gu math, tapadh leat, Ciamar a tha thu-fhein? (inf)
Tha gu math, tapadh leibh. Ciamar a tha sibh-fhein? (frm/pl)
Long time no see 'S fhada bho nach fhaca mi thu (inf)
'S fhada bho nach fhaca mi sibh (frm)
What's your name? Dè an t-ainm a th'ort (inf/sg)
Dè an t-ainm a th'oirbh (frm/pl)
My name is ... Is mise ...
Where are you from? Co às a tha thu? (inf)
Co às a sibh? (frm)
I'm from ... 'Sann à ... a tha mi
Tha mi à ...
Pleased to meet you Tha mi toilichte ur coinneachadh (frm/pl)
Tha mi toilichte do choinneachadh (inf/sg)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Madainn mhath
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Feasgar math
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Feasgar math
Good night Oidhche mhath
(Parting phrases)
Beannachd leat (inf)
Beannachd leibh (frm/pl)
Mar sin leat (inf) - reply to beannachd leat
Mar sin leibh (frm/pl) - reply to beannachd leibh
Tìoraidh (inf)
Tìoraidh ma-tha (inf)
Tìoraidh an-dràsta (inf)
Bidh mi 'gad fhaicinn (I'll be seeing you)
Chi mi a-rithist thu (I'll see you again)
Feumaidh mi ruith (I must run)
Good luck Sealbh math dhuit! (inf)
Sealbh math dhuibh! (frm/pl)
Gur math a thèid leat! (inf)
Gur math a thèid leibh! (frm/pl)
Piseach! Piseach mhath ort! (inf)
Piseach! Piseach mhath oirbh! (frm/pl)
G'un robh math agad!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Slàinte! (health)
Slàinte mhath! (good health)
Slàinte mhor! (great health)
Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi 's nach fhaic
(Great health to you every day that I see you and every day that I don't)
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Ith gu leòir!
Ith do shàth!
Làmh fhada is cead a sìneadh!
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Turas math dhut/dhuibh!
I understand Tha mi 'tuigsinn
I don't understand Chan eil mi 'tuigsinn
Please speak more slowly An urrainn dhut bruidhinn nàs maille? (inf)
An urrainn dhuibh bruidhinn nàs maille? (frm/pl)
Please say that again A can thu sin a-rithist, ma's e do thoil e? (inf)
A can sibh sin a-rithist, ma's e bhur toil e? (frm/pl)
An abair sin a-rithist thu, ma's e do thoil e? (inf)
An abair sin a-rithist sibh, ma's e bhur toil e? (frm/pl)
Please write it down An urrainn dhut sin a sgrìobhadh, ma's e do thoil e? (inf)
An urrainn dhuibh sin a sgrìobhadh, ma's e bhur toil e? (frm)
Do you speak English? A bheil Beurla agat? (sg/inf)
A bheil Beurla agaibh? (pl/frm)
Do you speak Scottish Gaelic? A bheil Gàdhlig agat? (sg/inf)
A bheil Gàdhlig agaibh? (pl/frm)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Tha, beagan
How do you say ... in Scottish Gaelic? Ciamar a chanas tu/sibh ... ann an Gàdhlig?
Dè Ghàidhlig a th'air ... ?
Excuse me Gabh mo leisgeul!
How much is this? Dè a' phrìs tha seo?
Dè tha e 'cosg?
Dè na tha seo?
Sorry Gabh mo leisgeul!
Tha mi duilich!
Thank you Tapadh leat (inf)
Tapadh leibh (frm/pl)
Taing mhór
Móran taing
Reply to thank you 'S e do bheatha (inf)
'Se ur beatha (frm/pl)
Where's the toilet? Càite bheil an taigh beag?
Would you like to dance with me? A bheil thu 'g iarraidh a dhanns? (inf)
A bheil sibh 'g iarraidh a dhanns? (frm/pl)
I miss you Tha mi gad ionndrainn (inf)
Tha mi gur ionndrainn (frm)
I love you Tha gaol agam ort
Get well soon Faigh na's fearr!
Call the police! Fònadh chun a' phoileis!
Christmas and New Year greetings Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr
Easter greetings A' Chàisg sona
Birthday greetings Là breith sona dhuit (sg/inf))
Là breith sona dhuibh (pl/frm)
One language is never enough Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Tha mo bhàta-foluaimein loma-làn easgannan

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