Useful Shanghainese phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Shanghainese, a variety of Wu Chinese spoken mainly in Shanghai in China

There seems to be no standard transliteration system for Shanghainese and the various sources used for this page use different systems.

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English 上海闲 (Shanghainese)
Welcome 欢迎 (hueugnin)
(General greeting)
侬好 (nóng hō)
大家好! (dâka hō!) - hello everybody
饭吃过伐? (ve qik gu va?)
飯吃了嗎? - "have you eaten?"
How are you? 侬好伐? (nóng hō va?)
侬过得还好伐? (nóng kûle e-hô va?)
Reply to 'How are you?' 我蛮好,谢谢 (wú mehō, yáyà)
蛮好。侬呢? (mehō. nóng nak?)
马马虎虎,谢谢! (so-so)
不太好,谢谢! ‏ (not too good)
Long time no see 长远勿看见侬 (ssang2 yyu4 vak2 koe5 ji3 nong1)
What's your name? 请问尊姓大名? (chînmen tzenxin-dâmin)
请问侬信啥? (chînmen nóng xin sa?)
侬叫啥名子? (nóng joh sa mingzi?)
请问? (chînmen danung chungfu?)
My name is ... 我信 ... (ngû xin ...)
我叫 ... (ngû ciô ...)
Where are you from? Nong sali faning?
I'm from ... Ngu sa he ning ...
Pleased to meet you 我看到侬真高兴
(ngu23 koe3 dao5 nong1 zen51 gao5 xin1)
(koe3 dao5 nong1 zen51 de lok ke xin1)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
侬早 (nóng zō)
早安 (zō'eu)
早晨好 (zōlǎng hō)
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
夜到好 (yâtohô)
Good night 晚安 (uê’eu)
(Parting phrases)
再会 (tzewe)
明朝会 (mintzowê)
Good luck Na kuade man duo tihu be
(Toasts used when drinking)
Bubeh bubeh!
Have a nice day
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
chi la te shin ye
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
旅途愉快 (liudu-yukha)
一路顺风 (yilu shunfeng)
I don't know ngú ba shede
I understand 吾明白 (wú xiohteq)
吾懂 (wú dōng)
I don't understand 我不明白 (wú veqxiohteq)
吾弗懂 (wú fé dōng)
我不懂 (ngú ban dong)
Please speak more slowly 讲慢的 (gong man di)
Please say that again Tse gang di
Please write it down 写下来 (xiā wū lä)
请侬写下来 (qǐng nóng xiā wū lä)
Do you speak English? 侬会得讲英文吗?
(Nóng wui de gāng yīngvēn va?)
Do you speak Shanghainese? 侬会得讲上海闲话吗?
(Nóng wui de gāng sǎnghääwú va?)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
How do you say ... in Shanghainese? ... sǎnghääwú nannung gang?
Excuse me 不好意思 (buho yisi)
How much is this? 几钿? (chihdih?)
多少钞票? (dohsao chaopiao?)
这个是几钿? (gambah sih chihdih?)
Sorry 对弗起 (dēi fé qì)
勿好意思 (vak hao yi si)
No problem 勿要紧个 (vak2 yao5 jin3 aak1)
Thank you 谢谢 (yáyà)
谢谢侬 (yáyà nóng)
Reply to thank you 勿要谢 (vio jia)
没关系 (mak5 gue3 xi1)
勿要客气 (vio khaqchih)
没事体俄 (meq zyhthih req)
覅客气 (viô-khaqchi)
覅谢得个 (viô-jâ teqreq)
霞霞侬 (xiá yà nóng)
Where's the toilet? 汏手间勒勒何里耷?
(dahsoeke lalaq rahlitaq?)
This person will pay for everything Dongdi tse ganin fu
Would you like to dance with me? Nóng hao gun ngu chaotsaowu ba?
I miss you 老想念侬个 (lao23 xing3 ni5 nong3 aak1)
I love you 侬爱你 (ngu eh nóng)
Ngu long hushin long lah
I'm not feeling well 我有眼勿适意
(ngû yoê’ngê veq seq’i)
Get well soon Kuadi ho chih le!
Leave me alone! Shi la yu di!
Help! 救命啊! (qiuming a!)
Fire! Sa fla!
Stop! 停! (ting!)
Call the police! 叫警察了! (Jiu jingchat le!)
Christmas and New Year greetings 圣诞节快乐 (sêntê khuâloq)
新年快乐 (xingni khuâloq)
恭喜发财 (gong xi fa ze)
Easter greetings
Birthday greetings 生日快乐 (sangniq khuâloq)
One language is never enough Tse wei gong e zhongla guiwuze bage uh
My hovercraft is full of eels
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Recordings, corrections and additions mainly by Donna Yu Ying

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