Useful Talossan phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Talossan, a constructed language created by R. Ben Madison in 1980 for the micronation he founded, the Kingdom of Talossa in Milwaukee.

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Key to abbreviations: inf = informal, frm = formal

English Talossan
Welcome Benvenescu
(General greeting)
How are you? ¿Com'estás't?
¿Com'estetz-voi? (inf/frm)
¿Come sint-voi?
Reply to 'How are you?' Ben, graschcias
Long time no see Duratzie non vidind
What's your name? ¿Qet'st tu/voastra num? (inf/frm)
My name is ... Va num isch ...
Where are you from? ¿Daduve isch-tu/voi? (inf/frm)
I'm from ... Eu sint da ...
Pleased to meet you Encantat/Encantada (m/f)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Ben morgun
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Bunas postmidziuas/spudernas (early/late afternoon)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Buna vhespra
Good night Ben nic'ht
(Parting phrases)
Good luck ¡Bun-escasença!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Have a nice day Tischetz 'n ziua buna
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
¡Buna apetita!
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
¡Ben voiatx!
I don't understand Non cumprenchéu
Please speak more slowly Perf parletz pü bielplanc
Please say that again Perf ditz aceasta 'n altreu fäts
Please write it down Scritz-en, perf
Do you speak Talossan? ¿Parlás't
Parletz-voi Talossan?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Üc, 'n po
Do you speak English? ¿Parlás't
Parletz-voi l'Angleasca?
How do you say ...? ¿Come si zïa ...?
Excuse me M'escusetz
How much is this? ¿Çaobén costa acest? (m)
¿Çaobén costa aceasta? (f)
Sorry ¡Va c'hupa!
Please Perf
Thank you Graschcias
This gentleman will pay for everything Acest cavalair paxharha per toct
This lady will pay for everything Aceasta doamna paxharha per toct
I love you T'améu
Get well soon ¡Santà!
Leave me alone! ¡Laßetz-me (in päx)!
Fire! ¡Féu!
Stop! ¡Ceßetz!
Call the police! ¡Clametz àl militzia!
Christmas and New Year greetings Feliceu Natal es Feliceu Nov'Anneu
Easter greetings Feliceu Pasqeu
Birthday greetings Felicia nadaliça
One language is never enough Viens glheþ isch txamais aßei
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Va voltigeir isch pien d'anguiglhas

Talossan phrases provided by the Comità per l'Útzil del Glheþ (Committee for the Use of the Talossan Language)


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