Useful phrases in Yucatec Maya

A collection of useful phrases in Yucatec Maya, a Mayan language spoken in Mexico and Belize.

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Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal

English Màaya t'àan (Yucatec Maya)
Welcome Kíimak 'oolal
(General greeting)
Ba'ax ka wa'alik?
How are you? Bix yanikech?
Reply to 'How are you?' Ma'alob. Kux tech?
Hach ma'aloob'. Kux tech?
What's your name? Bix a k' a'aba'?
My name is ... In k'aaba'e ...
Where are you from? Tux a kaajal?
I'm from ... In kajalé ...
Pleased to meet you Jach ki'imak in wóol in wilikech
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Ma'lob Ja'atskab K'iin
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Ma'lob chi'inil K'iin
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Ma'lob ak'ab
(Parting phrases)
K'a'ak'ate / Taak saama (see you tomorrow)
Taak ulak k'iin (see you later)
Good luck Ka xi'ik teech utsil
Have a nice day Ka manseché ma'lob kiin / Ka'ajxi'ikte'ex utsil / Ka'aj xi'iktech utsil
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Ku méejtech uutsil
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Xíiktech uutsil
I understand Tene Tin na'atik
I don't understand Má tin naátik
I don't know Má in woojel
Please speak more slowly Je' u beytal a táan chambel
Please say that again Ka a'alé
Please write it down Je'u beytal a tsiib
Do you speak English? Teeche' a tsiikbal inglés?
Do you speak Yucatec Maya? Teeche' a tsiikbal maaya?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Chen jumpit
How do you say ... in Yucatec Maya? Bix u yaálal ich maaya táan
Excuse me Pa'atiki'
How much is this? Bahúux? Bahúux leti'?
Sorry Ma'taali'teeni'
Please Meent' uts
Thank you Dios bo’otik
Reply to thank you Mixba’al.
Where's the toilet? Tu'ux yan u kuuchi T'uuchtaj
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Le ma'ak yan u bootik tulaka
Would you like to dance with me? Co'ox óok' ot
I miss you Ma'ach in túukulkech
I love you In k'áatech
Go away! Xe!
Leave me alone! P'atéen tíin juunaj!
Help! Áantení!
Fire! K'a'ajale'!
Call the police! T'aan le kaanano'!
Christmas and New Year greetings Ki'imak Navidad yéetel ki'imak ja'aba' túumben
Easter greetings Ki'imak Pascua!
One language is never enough Jun t'aan ma'u tsook t'aano'obi
I am hot Tene K'ilkaben
Are you hot? K'ilkabech?
I am cold Tene ke'elen
Are you cold? Ke'elech?
I am hungry Wi'ijen
Are you hungry? Wi'ijech?
What would you want to eat? Ba'ax tak a jantik?
I'd like to eat ... Tak in jana ...
Where are you from? Tu'ux a kajal?
I am from ... In kajalé ...
Take care of your self Kanantabáa
Please wait for me Pa'atení
How was your day? Bix uch a maansik le ki'ina?
How do you feel? Bix a u'uykabáa?

Yucatec Maya phrases provided by Pedro of Na'atik, Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas

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