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It's a great luck that now we don't have to look through those lengthy dictionaries to find the word we need. There are numerous online free translation tools that can help you fast and efficiently. Some of them function better than the others but their biggest benefit is saving your time. We're glad to offer you our own translation tool to make your life easier. You can translate words from English to Chinese quickly and for free.


One more helpful tool we have is the list of the most common words translated into multiple languages (Chinese included). It is really helpful for those who just started learning a foreign language and would like to memorize the popular words in it. To see all of the available translations of an English word, just click on it. It's an easy and convenient way to improve your learning process using our free translation tools. One quick tip for you: try to listen to the native speakers' conversations while learning a foreign language. It can be an audiobook, a TV series, radio, etc. Your brain will be able to adapt to the new sounds and words much faster.


But what should you do if you need a professional translation of the whole text and not just random words? In this case, we'll be able to help you as well. We employ experienced translators from all over the world to help you with any language at any time. They have the corresponding qualifications and can do their work fast and of high quality. You'll be able to choose the translator who fits your requirements best and work with him/her.  Your translator will start working immediately after he or she receives a text from you. The process is very easy.


All is required of you is to upload a file with the source text (or paste it in the order form's corresponding field). We support almost all of the common file formats so you don't have to worry about that. As soon as you do that, we process the file and send the ready-to-translate document to the translator. We save your time and make the process more productive. One more benefit of using our online service is that you can submit your order whenever you need and we'll immediately start working on it. Due to the time difference, we have translators who are always online and ready to assist you. You may choose from more than 40 language pairs to get your work done faster and with better quality.

Published on  February 18th, 2016